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The 'Presenter' Range

Broadcast style graphics...PowerPoint Workflow!

The Presenter product range, by Instant Effects, is professional software for the creation of high-impact, rapidly-customizable real time HD or stereo 3D presentations.

Presenter represents a family of PowerPoint Add-ins that magically transform lifeless slides into high-impact broadcast-quality rich media.

Feature Office FX Presenter Event Presenter S3D Presenter Master Presenter
PowerPoint interface x x x x
Animated 3D Motions Backgrounds x x x x
Video Motion Backgrounds x x x x
Broadcast style transition x x x x
Insert SD/HD video with instant start x x x x
Embed low-latency HD or SD live video x x
Embed two simultaneous Video or Data feeds x x
Present Ultra wide presentations with 2 or 3 projectors x x
Inbuilt edge-blending technology x x
Support for real-time anaglyph stereoscopic output x x x x
Support for real-time full-colour/full-resolution stereoscopic content x x
Incorporate stereoscopic video and still media x* x* x x
Publish slides as video including all effects and inserts x x x x
Publish stereoscopic video x x
Produce S3D and "mono" effects from the same source material x x
Output simultaneous image and alpha (key) channel data for use in real-time compositing x
Authoring toolkit included (requires 3ds Max) x

*support is limited to anaglyph rendering