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event presenter

The very latest in ultra-widescreen technology


With the ability to drive overlapping projectors (via inbuilt edge blending software), accept live SD/HD video input, and support ultra-wide aspect ratios, 'Event Presenter' is the premier software package to use when pushing the limits.

'Event Presenter' starts with all the features of OfficeFX Presenter, then adds what it takes to deliver an outstanding audience experience in a very cost-effective fashion.

'Event Presenter' supports up to three projectors, meaning you can create ultra-wide displays with aspect ratios of 3-to-1 or 4-to-1. (Note: multiple projector support requires use of Matrox TripleHead2Go or DualHead2Go hardware, purchased separately. Click here for a technical description of edge-blending.)

Add in live video, in HDMI, SDI or component format, by using video/data capture hardware from DataPath, and save a bundle on single-purpose event compositing hardware setup and rental costs.

And it's no problem if you need both PiP/IMAG support and the ability to display live user-provided content: simply choose to include a second live video source where needed.

Go beyond the norm: By creating custom moving backgrounds, transitions, entry and corner logo treatments with our Authoring Toolkit, you can provide an amazing, customized result at a fraction of the cost of doing this with traditional methods!

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